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The Natural environment
The Natural environment

The Natural environment

The Natural environment:In Western Green parties have pressed for public action to reduce industrial pollution.

In The United states, Experts have documented ecological deterioration, and watchdog groups such as a sierra Club And friends of the earth commit to political and social action.

Steel companies and public utilities have invested billions of dollars in pollution-control equipment and environmentally friendly fuels, making hybrid cars, low-flow toilets and showers,organic foods, and green office buildings everyday realities.

Opportunities, await those who can reconcile property with environmental protection. Consider these solutions to concerns about air quality.

Nearly a quarter of carbon dioxide that aches up about 80 percent of all greenhouse comes from electrical power plants. Dublin-based airtricity operates wind farms in the united states and the United Kingdom that offer cheaper and greener electricity.

Transportation is second only to electricity generation as a contributor to global warming, accounting for roughly a fifth of carbon emissions.

Vancouver-based West-port Innovations developed a conversion technology high pressure direct injection that allows diesel engines to run on cleaner burning liquid natural gas, greenhouse emissions by a fourth.

Due to millions of rural cooking fires, Parts of Southern Asia suffer extremely poor air quality. A person cooking over an open wood or kerosene fire inhales the equivalent of two packs of cigarettes.

A day, Illinois-based sun ovens international makes family-sized ovens that use money and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.


The earth’s raw materials consist of the infinite, the infinite renewable, and the finite nonrenewable. Firms whose products require finite nonrenewable resources oil, platinum, zinc silver-face substantial cost increases, as depletion approaches, Firms that can develop substitute material have an excellent opportunity .
One finite nonrenewable resource, oil, has created serious problems for the world economy.

As oil prices soar , companies search for practical means to harness solar, nuclear, wind, other alternative energies.


Some Industrial activity will inevitably damage the natural environment, creating a large market for pollution-control solutions such as scrubbers, recycle centers, and landfill systems as well as for alternative ways to produce and package goods.
Many poor nations are doing little about pollution lacking the funds or the political will. It is in the richer nations interest to help them control their pollution, but even richer nations today lack the necessary funds.

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