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Creating Innovative Marketing
Creating Innovative Marketing

Creating Innovative Marketing

Creating Innovative Marketing :When IBM surveyed top CEOs and government leaders about their priorities.

Business-model innovation and coming up with unique ways of doing things scored high, IBM’s own drive for business-model innovation let to much collaboration, both within IBM and externally with companies, governments. and educational institutions.

Then-CEO Samuel Parmesan noted how the breakthrough cell processor. Based on the company’s power architecture.

Would not have happened without collaboration with Sony and Nintendo, as will be competitors Toshiba and Microsoft.

Procter and Gamble has made it a goal for 50 percent of new products to come from outside its-labs-from inventors scientists and suppliers whose new-product ideas can be developed in house.

Mark benioff, CEO and co-founder of sales-force com, Believes the key to innovation is the ability to adapt while the company spent years relying on disruptive ideas to come from within.

It acquired two firms for $ 1 billion because it could not afford to wait and has purchased 24 firms in total.

As benioff notes. Innovation is a continuum. You have to think about how the world is evolving and transforming. Are you part of the continuum?.

Business guru Jim Collins research emphasize the importance of systematic, broad-based innovation.

Always looking for the one big breakthrough, the one big idea, is contrary to what we found: To build a truly great company.

It’s cumulative momentum and no one decision defines a great company, Collins cites Walt Disney in theme parks and Walmart in retelling as examples of companies that to find breakthrough ideas, some companies immerse a range of employees in solving marketing problems.

Samsung value innovation program (VIP) isolates product development teams of engineers, designers, and planners with a timetable and end date in the company’s center just south of Seoul, Korea, While 50 specialists help guide their activities.

To help make tough trade-offs, team members draw value curves that rank attributes such as a product sound or picture quality on a scale from 1 to 5.

To develop a new car. BMW mobilizes specialists in engineering, design, production, marketing, purchasing. and finance at its research and innovation center or project house.

Companies like Facebook and google kick start the creative problem-solving process by using the phrase, How might we? Tim Brown.

CEO of IDEO, says IDEO asks how might we with each design challenge.

The How part assumes there are solutions out there-it provides creative confidence, Brown said, The might part says we can put ideas out there that might work or might not-either way, Its OK and the we part says we are going to do it together and build on each other’s ideas.

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