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Camera Lock – Phone & Tablet Camera Security Apk

Camera Lock – Phone & Tablet Camera Security Apk

Lock your device cameras when you don’t need them.🙈
Unlock when you need them.🐵
Stop bad apps from using your cameras when they’re not supposed to.
⭐️ Simple and easy to use, with just 1-button control. Probably the simplest one of its kind! 
⭐️ Fast and lightweight. 
⭐️ No bloat/unnecessary features. 
⭐️ Clean and simple user interface. 
⭐️ Help protect your privacy. 
⭐️ Free! 
Permission Information 
Device administrator disable cameras permission is required for the app to enable (unlock) and disable (lock) the device cameras. This will be prompted the first time you try to lock the cameras. This permission cannot and will not be used for anything else.
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To uninstall the app, tap the “Deactivate and Uninstall App” button within the app. Alternatively, if this app has been activated as a device administrator so that it can lock and unlock cameras, deactivate the device administrator manually in Settings first, then you can uninstall the app manually
Do you hate it when people fiddle with your mobile…especially the camera? Want to restrict everyone around you from misusing your mobile camera? Then ‘Camera Lock Lite’ is perfect for you! Get it now and keep your phone safe and secure at all times!
Secure your camera by saving it behind a password set by you, giving you control over its use and most importantly its misuse! Locking your camera with Camera Lock Lite will also let you restrict its use by any third party application or program in your phone. No one can use your camera without your permission! Password protect your Camera and keep your privacy intact.
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Activate or deactivate the app from the main menu.Set a time interval from the settings tab to keep your camera unlocked for that time. App will auto lock the camera only once the set time has lapsed. You can share this must have security app via Bluetooth, Gmail and SMS Camera Lock has a clean user interface which is easy to use and understand.
The app require “camera permission”. Our app is also blocked from watching you.

Camera Guard uses the Device Administrator permission. This permission allows app to denied access to the camera.
if you want to check if it works perfectly , tell a friend to call you with whats up video or facebook video 
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 The app will protect your phone camera from watching and spying you by privacy threats as: Viruses, surveillance, spyware and malware applications.

This App uses the Device Administrator permission.
Camera Blocker Application don’t misuse any Permissions and we don’t manipulate any user data. Application just use the Administrator Permission to stop the Camera Feature for Mobile so that your Device will be secured
If you get a company smartphone, it is most probably password protected … In that case “Camera Unlock” is designed for you. This application allows to get access to the camera while the smartphone remains locked (even password protected) more or less like on the Apple Iphones !

Upload the application, launch it and a notification will be displayed to inform that the “Camera Unlock” service is running.

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Cameraless app is a camera blocker used to disable all cameras in your mobile device, offering full protection against:
• Spies, stalkers, spyware and various malware
• Taking pictures/videos in secure areas.
Stop Camera Photo and Video Recording. Control your Security and Privacy.
— This app blocks all cameras, photo and video
to prevent secret taking of photos and video recordings and user tracking 
by hackers, malicious apps, spies, government, companies, data collectors, 
and anyone else without your permission. 
(Some top govt officials and executives block their camera and microphone.) 
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The “Camera Lock” app includes these controls:
1. Camera Lock: Blocks all camera recordings, photo and video.
2. Password Lock: Protects access to this app and widget locks. 

This app is useful to:
— Avoid secret visual recording and user tracking.
— Protect your privacy and security. 
— Prevent unauthorized camera use by others.
— Avoid accidental and “pocket” recording.


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