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Pharmapedia Pakistan apk

In this post we will tell you about Pharmapedia Pakistan apk

Pharmapedia Pakistan apk

Pharmapedia Pakistan gives you free, offline access to information on generic drugs (dosages, indications, more), medicine brands in Pakistan with prices and available forms, alternate brands and much more.

All of this without requiring any key or annoying ads — just install and dive into the medical knowledge sea, no internet required!




Beautiful design, sleek layout.
Built-in intelligent search with auto-complete.
Drugs’ overview, dosages, indications, side-effects, contraindications and high-risk groups.
Available brands for every generic drug/formula, including a combination of generic drugs.
Prices & available forms like tablets, syrup, injection, infusion, drops & suspension available for every brand.
Find alternate brands for every medicine including prices, forms and company.
Bookmark any drug or brand, get quick access to recently searched items.

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With thousands of drugs and brands, we understand having a beautiful layout and quick access to information is equally important. That’s why the user-interface has especially been focused on.

The app can be used by anyone seeking medical information, which can include doctors, pharmacists, medical reps, medical students, patients, general public or anyone curious about medicines. It’s a drugs dictionary, or a medical dictionary. This version lists brands/medicines in Pakistan while generic drugs section can be used by anyone, worldwide

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