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Hide Chat Name with a Single Tap

Hide Chat Name with a Single Tap

We are accustomed to chat and we will chat in bus stops, buses, trains, classrooms, homes, offices, etc. at all places, and people besides you will be trapped on your screen and it’s not safe anywhere. Will stay

Hide the chat name an app that hides the person’s photo picture with which you’re chatting on a tap.

We take care of your privacy. Your privacy case for us

Our app features:
* You can now add fake names, give a fake profile picture, show counterfeit status.
* Instantly screen your screen with single tap on the float icon.
* You can give fake names to another person and people around you think that you are chatting someone else.
* Feature direct chat with our app developer.
* Move as far as possible and easy icon for you.

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Now you can directly communicate with your developer for any questions or advice

Screen Stream over HTTP

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