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fooView – Float Viewer

fooView – Float Viewer

How many touches and clicks have been made on your phone every day? How much time did you spend on switching apps? How Unhealthy Operation, Can Be Saved, Your Trouble Time?

Be Simple!

FooView – Float viewer is a magic floating button. This system is an enhanced tool in accessing your favorite websites, apps, games, files, music, photos, videos, and screen content through a hint using a hand.

fooView - Float Viewer

FooView will use your internal power using your smartphone’s machinery learning techniques, to save everything to your 80% operations, simplifying everything.

What can be a simple indication?
Accepts crop, automatic, shares, and search for a quickscreen shot?
A Swipe to Present Files?
An easy indication for all navigation physical keys to change?
A long press indicator to quickly switch and manage applications?

fooView - Float Viewer


One hand to work, just a hint.
Crop a word to translate, save and share with your messenger …
· Fruit a name in videos to search for multiple search engines
Throw a picture in the screenshot (Android 5.0+), Search, and social networks or photos community.
Throw a number to dial or check out where it is from
Insert an address to check the way in the map
Swap for back, long swipe for home, protect physical keys
Swipe files / weather / news or floating windows
Swipe down on the current list / notification
Swipe in preview file
Long press to switch / manage apps

fooView - Float Viewer

Small size size
Floating browser Different than others, it can be true
Full-function floating files (photos, music, videos, documents) manager for both local and network manager
App manager
Built-in viewers (such as pdfs), players and downloaders
Multiple search engines …
Signal input
Text identification
Regional screen shot and screen recorder (requires some Android 5.0+)

fooView - Float Viewer


· Applications / websites are automatically sorting for quick search! Learn more with more use
Text / signals are recognized
Personally in many ways


Learning is easy. Innovative Guide, Demo Video, and Game to help step in the world
·I am feeling lucky

Special note

When you lock the screen or manually allow the device administrator to be able to avoid this application, this app uses the Device Admin API, and you can not uninstall it. The first permission must be disabled. This system is required.


How does the disabled users with access services help?
1) For visually disabled users, using the screen allows you to use images or images using fooView and to make it better readable.
2) For physical disabilities, FOOView provides powerful single-hand features, you can use a hand to easily switch the navigation keys, run the phone, easily switch apps, which are probably one Can handle hand
3) Some features are in progress.

fooView - Float Viewer


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