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Alarmy (Sleep If U Can) – Mission Alarm Clock App

Alarmy (Sleep If U Can) – Mission Alarm Clock App

■ “The world’s most annoying alarm alarm clock is included by the app, the cannut, the Gymmodo, the Huffington Post etc.”
■ Alarm Clock App in 97 countries including Germany, France, and South Korea. (App Store)
■ Features “Photo Mode” (Exit bed and take a photo of registered place to close the alarm clock)
■ Support “math problem mode” (to turn alarm clock, to solve mathematical problem) and to solve “shock mode” (to close the alarm clock, your phone Shake up)
■ Includes great shocking alarm from your sleep to your sleep
■ Customize your own music to run as your alarm (end up sleeping)

■ How to close the alarm clock? (Photo rejection mode)
– Take a photo where you want to turn the alarm clock off.
When the alarm clock starts playing, you will have to go to the registered location and have to place an image for the alarm.
For instance) If the bathroom is registered, pick up and take a photo of the bathroom.

■ Tip
Good location for the photo: off bed (bathroom sink is best!)
Bad space for the image: The brightness is often near or near your bed.
– If the current registered alarm is very easy or very difficult to close the picture, please enter a new place 🙂

Alarm (sleep if one can) is a modern solution for people who can not take time with alarm clock yet. Our alarm app is designed to be forced to pull you out of sleep for giving you various missions. For photo mode, you entered a home or room photo in your home and set it up. After that the alarm is set, once again it wakes up from your sleep to turn off and takes a picture of the registered area. Math is also included in the mode of mode where you have to solve mathematical problems for the alarm clock. For “Shake Mode”, you have to set up for hours for at least hours up to 30 to 999.

The world’s most annoying alarm
As “World’s Troubleshooting Alarm Clock”, Debb, Alarm has become a favorite mobile alarm app faster than users. It’s # 1 in its kind, including Gizmodo, Cnet, and Huffington’s post, and currently in 9 countries France, Germany, and South Korea.

Users are really enjoying this alarm app and have developed their unique methods around the needs of many alarm app requirements. For example, you can register the bed feet as your place, so you have to dig enough to take a picture of your bed feet and then you have to go back to sleep. Of course, it completely eliminates the entire purpose of the app but has become a joke for many consumers.

Other alarm works better than the clock
Other creative places that come with users include their rooms, a nighttime, or a ceiling terrace. If you’re really serious about time, how to register a bathroom sink or a kitchen for photo alarms?

Although our alarm app has shown a lot of interest and it has become really entertaining, it will certainly bring you out of sleep. If you want to get an appointment for an important meeting or work on time, then this alarm clock is the best solution.

Permission Information
Alarm needs the permission to close this photo alarm, which makes users an image
Alarm is allowed to load external color tones for alarm.
Alarm needs the permission to save the photos taken from users who use the photo arranging alarm.
After changing the alarm, you need permission to get weather information.
This permission is required to prevent the alarm app from installing
– This alarm app uses DEVICE management permission

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